Natural Movement (MovNat) + Gymnastics Basics + Calisthenics +Joint Prehab & Rehab + Varied Circuits + Practical Strength

At Stage 6, we approach training a little differently to most other gyms. We’re interested in things like postural corrections, body awareness and rehabilitation, physical competence and confidence, improving your joint health, being able to wrap your head/body around a new movement, how you’re going to move when you’re 70, balance, adaptability, mindfulness, problem solving, physical longevity… (Ya’know, just the little things…) 


Of course you’ll still move, sweat, have fun and probably think dark thoughts about your trainer from time to time, but the main difference is the depth and sustainability of what we do. There’s a lot of education and skill development in our classes because we believe in training smarter, not necessarily harder.


Picture two lion cubs playing. Nawww, CUTE! Why are they playing? They're practicing the skills they will need later on in life. They're fighting, stalking, growling, biting,  pouncing, leaping. Now picture a fully grown lion. It still fights, stalks, growls, bites, pounces and leaps but it's not exactly cute. It's powerful, graceful and formidable.


We see this all across the animal kingdom with the exception of one animal... us. Think of the things you did as a kid: running, jumping, climbing, crawling, balancing, swimming, lifting, throwing, catching, rough housing. Think of how much you enjoyed doing all those things. Could you still do them now? BE LIKE THE LION DAMMIT!

"No citizen has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training.

What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable."

© 2016 Matt Rutley

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